Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Each year, the students and faculty of ACDS take on an exciting, school-wide topic to explore and learn about. Our study culminates with a week long festival, just prior to Spring Break, where we come together to collaborate, enjoy special assemblies and participate in themed activities. This year, our Festival of Learning (FOL) theme is Global Warming- but wait, there is more! 

We are taking part in the Challenge 20/20 Initiative, where we will not only be learning about this topic, but trying to find ways to improve our communities for the better. We will be partnering with a school in New Jersey and a school in Bahrain, learning from one another and raising awareness both nationally and internationally. (see link below)

Our goal in creating this blog is to have a central place to share with the members of the ACDS community, what is happening in our classrooms surrounding Global Warming and the 20/20 Initiative. We will be posting pictures, videos, short comments and highlights in the coming weeks. So be on the look out!!

Your bloggers,
The 6th Grade & Mrs. Stein


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