March 20, 2013
I went to interview Josey D. in 8th grade she told me for the Festival of Learning they could choose either reading or science. Josey chose science. In science they have been observing the changes in the Earth over the years. They have also been looking at the changes the school has made to help stop global warming, and start make new changes. Soon they will be dumpster diving to seed what people throw away. In reading they have been writing articles on global warming. They have been looking up the effect of global warming over time. 
By: Shannon A.

Erin F., March 18, 2013

The 8th grade is going to be going outside and looking at the landscape of the building outside, and labeling all the trees. They will go dumpster diving to see how much recycling we are doing, get a rain barrel, maybe plant trees and see how they effect the ecosystem in our community.

Erin wants to go dumpster diving because it would be really fun and they wear special suits.

They will go around all the trees on campus and label it and decide if maybe each specific tree contributes to balancing the ecosystem. The 8th graders will look at landscapes: Observing where trees are placed and why they are placed there. They are going to figure out what type of tree they want and map out where they are going to put it.

Feb. 20, 2013

The 8th graders are working on projects about the counties they were assigned researched. They made their own flag and they wrote about the natural resources and the general challenges their county faced. They had to look up climate change challenges and what to do. They had to record the energy consumption, the economy and the c02 emissions. 

Two countries that were researched were China and Abu Dhabi.
By: JJ R.

February 22, 2013

Today I got a chance to interview 8th grader Allie W. She says that they are going to go dumpster diving to find things that can be recycled. Allie thinks that we as humans are littering too much. If she was in charge on the world recycling system, she would do more to get people to recycle, and that she would monitor what people recycle and what people trash. All this trash is polluting the water ways, and killing a lot of animals because they are eating the trash. Eventually the landfills that the trash is in will get so full, no more trash can fit in it and all the trash gets sent up into space. The trash is also destroying the environment.
-By Kendall F.

I went to interview an eighth grader named Wesley, and I was accompanied by Shannon. I asked him what he knew about global warming and he interpreted it as bad. He called global warming a theory. He explained that Earth has multiple layers, and one of those layers is called the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the layer that protects us from the suns “raw” UV rays.  It is believed that there is a hole in the ozone layer that could affect us by melting icebergs and giving extreme weather conditions. I asked him what could we do to prevent global warming from getting worse, and he said that we could recycle more. 
–Reporter Rachel S. and photographer Shannon A.