3/8/13 Interview By Mary Margaret L.

The fifth grade is trying to raise money for motion sensor lights in the fifth and second grade. motion sensors for bake sale and free dress. Second grade is helping them with this. The lights save money so you don't have to use 50% more money. People regularly leave normal lights on, but a certain amount of movement triggers the lights. The disadvantage might turn off unexpectedly, but overall it's a good idea. Climate change affects humans, because people pollute and it causes global warming. 

Interveiw By: Sophie B.


Interview With Taraneh in 5th grade

How does your project affect global warming?

Taraneh- "We are trying to save electricity, by not using electricity, and getting
light censers."

What do the light censers do?

Taraneh- " They turn off the lights when your not there and if you forget. They
also turn off the lights when there is no movment."

Are you trying to get the whole school to do this?

Taraneh- " We are trying to lead up to it, so the whole school can save energy.
They aren't that much money so if we can save lots of money, we hope we can
get lots of grades to use it."

Interview By: Hayden K.

5th grade is trying to save energy by using motion censored lights.
Each of the switches will cost twenty dollars.
They are going to do this project with their buddies.
They are putting the switches in 5 rooms, so they have to raise $100
They are going to raise the money by doing a fundraiser.
They do not know what type of fundraiser that they will do yet.

Interview By: Kathryn F.

When I interviewed Susie, a 5th grader she told me about how the 5th grade is going to try and earn $100 with their 2nd grade buddies to buy Eco friendly lights for 5 rooms. They will do multiple procedures to get this money like a bake sale, a spare change event or even handing out flyers to the people in a drive by. Susie said that we could help our local environment by turning the lights off when we don't need them and only charging the iPad when you need it. 

Interview By: Mac M.
The 5th graders are brainstorming ways to raise money to get the lights. Like bake sales and games in the country market. They want the lights because they save energy. They want to advertise the lights so more classrooms can get them. They will put up flyers and advertise the light uses to the school. They also like the idea of having a bake sale to raise money. They are talking about having interesting and fun ways to get excited for giving money for the lights. The final reason is they have a fund raiser and the school matches how much money they get so they can buy the lights.

Interview with Zach...

M: What did you talk about?
Z: How to raise money to get the lights.
M: What was the most popular idea on how to raise money?
Z:  A concession stand.
M: What is the importance of the lights?
Z: The motion censor in the light turns off when nobody is in the room and with a regular light it stays on when nobody is in the room.

By: Bella H. and Nora S.
My photographer Nora and I recently went down to the second floor to interview the fifth graders. I interviewed Rosie and she told me all about their exciting project. The fifth graders are working to install light censors in their classrooms; light censors can detect movement in the room so it automatically turns on and off when people exit and enter. They plan on raising the money to install light censors with bake sales. They also plan on saving electricity by using the air conditioner and heating system less, bringing in sweaters that apply to the dress code, and buddying up on iPads. Rosie said her favorite part would be to raise the money by having a bake sale.

The 5th graders called a meeting with The Advancement Office (Ms. Kirchner) and The Development Office (Mr. Sahlin) to discuss the finances behind this initiative.