Posted March 20, 2013

March 18, 2013 FOL Week
By: Bella H.

We recently interviewed first grade about what they were doing for the Festival of Learning. They have been doing so many fun activities to help prevent global warming. First, they cut out and painted life-size versions of paper penguins because their habitat is being destroyed due to global warming. They are also trying to cut down on the amount of paper they use, so they established a "reuse bin" for one sided paper that hasn't been used yet. They are also making picture books about global warming, but with used paper envelopes. The 1st graders are having tons of fun! She says that her favorite part of learning about global warming and taking action is "saving the Earth!"

By: Bella
Photography: Nora

Interviewed Sarah M:

"They are trying to make it so we don't use as much paper. They have a reuse bin for one sided paper that hasn't been used. They are trying to save the earth. Her favorite part is that they are making books about the earth with paper envelopes that have already been used. They make life sized penguins.
By: Bella

Interview By: Kyle O. and Kayvon S.
March 13, 2013

The first graders are doing a paper free day to save paper and to save trees.

They are taking there spelling quiz on whiteboards. By doing this they are helping 
slow down global warming. They are also using their iPads later in day the instead 
of paper. This is a very helpful project. Here are some pictures of the first graders 
taking there quizzes.

Here is the basket where they reuse paper.

Here is a first grader taking a spelling test on a white board (not paper!)

Again, first grader using a white board.

First grader taking a test.

First grader taking a spelling test.