March 8, 2013: Kindergarten graphs how many people in the school bring reusable containers or plastic for the snacks and lunch.


11 March 2013
Interview by Kayvon S.

6th grade interviewed Kindergarten...
"We are going to be using reusable containers" William said.
Another said, "Mrs. Blatt showed us where to put the trash."
A third said, "We are using reusable containers instead of plastic bags."
"We are trying to stop global warming" Austin said.    

       Today, I interviewed Mrs. Perkins Kindergarten class. Right now, their unit is on dinosaurs! They are learning all about how the dinosaurs became extinct, fossilized plants, Pangaea and more! Trent D., a kindergartner told me all about Pangaea and showed me pictures that the kindergartners drew! He says his favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.

                             By: Kendall F., 6th Grade

Katie shares her classes' bulletin board!!

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