March 18, 2013

Mr. Wingfield's presentation to 7th grade about Carbon Footprints

By: Keiran D. and Caroline C.

        Mr. Wingfield is a professor at George Mason University and specializes in Sustainability and the Environment. Carbon footprints are gases emitted by people's activities and transportation. Our generation is responsible for trying to clean up the impact we all make on the carbon footprint in our homes, schools, towns, states and countries. It will be hard though for people in China and the US because they're responsible for the most damage to the carbon footprint. Both countries are less conservative than others and need to work on their conservation efforts. Rich people cause more damage to carbon footprints because they have the resources to buy items that contribute to gas emissions. Everyday items that contribute to carbon footprints are air conditioner, computer, and lights are just some of the causes. Some ways ACDS can help reduce carbon footprints are turning off lights and carpooling. The 7th graders plan to brainstorm ways to look at ACDS' carbon footprint and help find ways to lead the community to change their impact on the environment for the better.

Interview on Key Stone Pipe Line


We interviewed the seventh graders on Tuesday, March 12. The seventh
graders did a debate on wether a pipe line that can help the economy and hurt
nature should go in. Amanda and olivia were both on the side that was for the

How was the debate?

Olivia- Our side could of done better, but we were ok.

Amanda- it was a little bit crazy, and that kinda means that we were really into it.

Olivia- The other side was really good, they had lots of facts and info.

Amanda- The other side even got the third graders to be against the pipe line.
They also had lots of points.

What are some facts for against and for the pipe line?

Amanda- it would definitely destroy many places.

Olivia- If it brakes oil would go every where, even though its underground.

Amanda- it would be good for the economy, and start lots of jobs.

7th and 8th Grade Art

Today I interviewed the 7/8th grade art class. Right now, they are doing paintings on global warming to help for the Festival of Learning. They are painting one painting of a setting before global warming and one on their set after global warming. I got a close up with Karinna P., Kerstin S., and Caroline L. Karinna says that global warming has been caused by humans because of how much we liter, unlike Kerstin, who says that it is all China's and the USA's fault. Tokyo is so polluted, that you can see and touch the air! Kerstin also says that the global warming is causing very smoggy air and it is raising the chance of deformed people. Caroline says that it is not only the humans fault, but also the Earth's fault because some ozone issues itself.
                                                                       By: Kendall F.                                          

                                  Pictures Taken By: Gretchen R.

                                         February 15, 2013
                                      Speeches and Sweets!!

Several 7th grade students researched for weeks and then wrote their Speeches and Sweets papers on Global Warming/Climate Change related topics. Here are a few samples for you to read and learn! So impressive!!

By: Bella H.
I recently interviewed a seventh grader named Ellie S. Her topic for speeches and sweets is polar bear habitat destruction. Her prompt to write about this very interesting topic is that she loves this species and she wanted to learn more about this bear. When I asked what excites her about this topic she replied, "I have a chance to inspire and teach a crowd about the life of a polar bear and encourage them to help save this endangered species due to global warming." Ellie S. is a true humanitarian.

Ellie S: 

Andrew K:

Will B: 

Sam W: 

By:Bella H. and Mosey K.
Will S: 
My partner, Mosey, and I recently interviewed a seventh grader named Will S. about his speeches and sweets topic. He wrote his topic on global warming and how it would effect the environment. He also wrote about the positives and negatives and about what humans have done to partly cause global warming. He was promoted to write his paper on this interesting subject, because he wanted to dig deeper into this topic. Will wanted to find more facts other than, "Global warming is bad." He enjoyed finding the pros and cons of global warming.

Alex B: