January-March 2013
The 6th grade has agreed to take the lead in communicating to the ACDS community about our FOL topic for the Spring, which includes the 20/20 Initiative. The 6th graders will be visiting each classroom, K-8, through the next several weeks to learn more about what each class is doing. They are interviewing, photographing, video-taping and blogging about Global Warming and Climate Change. We hope you enjoy!
- The 6th Grade Bloggers

                                        March 18, 2013 An Article Review By: Anonymous

                             "Not Easy Being Green"
                              By: Lawrence Solomon 

On Wednesday a man came in to explain global warming and how the earth is slowly getting hotter. He said by 2015 all of the ice in the Arctic will be gone. A student asked about an article she had read saying that the temperature actually hasn't gone up in 17 years. He didn't answer the question so the student did her own research and hear is what she found.
Lawrence Solomon says that ice caps in the Arctic have been coming back for the past few years and that scientists are seeing more ice now than seen in previous years.  According to the Danish Meteorological Institute says that temperatures have "nose-dived" and temperatures have been taken in the Arctic since 1958. Also, down in the Antarctic the ice have consistently been above average. Robert Pielke Jr., says, "Flooding has not increased over the past century, nor have land falling hurricanes. Remarkably, the U. S. is currently experiencing the longest-ever recorded period with no strikes of a Category 3 of stronger hurricane." Robert Pielke Jr. went on to say that the U. S. is looking at less droughts then they have seem in the last century.  He says, "Over the past six decades, tornado damage has declined after accounting for development that has put more property into harms way." The same type of conclusions apply to China's typhoons, bush fires in Australia, and Europe's windstorms. We can't blame climate change on all the natural disasters that will happen with warm and cold weather. Now, the UN's (United Nations) IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that summarizes the science of man-made global warming, have emitted that the temperatures have "reached a standstill" for almost two decades. Still, some people wait until they have another chance to show that the temperatures are rising.