11 March 2013 
My name is Camille and today I interviewed the 3rd grader, Lily.
I asked her class was doing for the festival of learning, she said that they are making non-fiction books about your animal that you were assigned. She was assigned the clown fish. The chapters for their books must contain the animals behavior, defense/offense, global warming impact, adaptation, anatomy, life cycle, diet, and habitat; but they only have a month to do. I asked her what her favorite part of the project was, she said "being like an author." It seems like they're having a lot of fun. 
By: Camille A.

Today, I interviewed Georgia and Sebastian from Ms. Holland's 3rd grade class. They are working on researching their topics to make their own books. Georgia's topic was polar bears. She told me that polar bears are dying because global warming is heating up the Arctic, which is melting the polar bears' land, ice. Sebastian was really interested on lobsters and how they were affected by global warming. He did a lot of research on global warming and its effects on lobsters. When I interviewed Sebastian he explained that global warming was heating up the water and killing the types of fish that lobsters eat. The results of this is that the lobsters don't have enough fish and small critters to eat. Sebastian and Georgia both love their topics and are working really hard to finish their books. As you can see global warming has effected many things but the most effected is animals. The ice in the Arctic is rapidly melting and the bodies of water slowly heating up, resulting many animals to die.
-By Naomi Y.

So today i interviewed Mrs.Holland's third grade class. They are working on making books on animals that are being affected by global warming. I got a chance to interview Alani D. & Kathryne G. Alani's book is all about Koalas. She says that Koalas are dying because they ONLY eat eucalyptus leaves, but we are taking all of them away & we are killing the Koalas for their fur to wear as scarves! She also says just as a fun fact, that Koalas, when born, are only 19mm long. Kathryne did her book on Arctic foxes. She told me that they are losing their homes because we are causing the ice to melt. She said we are also killing them their for their fur. Did you know that they turn their big tails to switch directions? I thought that was very interesting.
-By: Kendall F.

Rachel S.' Interview:
I went down to the third grade to interview them about their Festival of Learning projects. I sat down with a couple of kids and I asked them what they were doing for FOL. The third graders were writing books about endangered animals. I interviewed with Brian, Katherine, Sofia, Georgia, Alani, and Luke. They all chose different endangered animals, and dove into the project. Each third grader chose a couple of books about their animal. Looking through the books, the third graders had to choose some facts and write them down on post-it notes. After writing the facts down on post-it notes, the kids sorted the facts into sections like anatomy, defense, offense, diet, and more. I look forward to our follow up interview to see what they have created!

What is your name?- Kieran
Katie M. ( third grader )
What are you researching?- Kieran
Coral reefs.- Katie M.
How are they effected by global warming? -Kieran
The crown of thorn star fish, that can devour a coral reef quickly, and storm damage. - Katie M.
What are you going to do with the information that you collect?- Kayvon
We are going to make a non-fiction book, and have different chapters. -Katie M.

This has been Kayvon and Kieran, ACDS news.

Harper D. interviewed her younger brother, Corbet, about his Global Warming book project. He is learning about grey wolves and their behavior. Corbet told his sister that wolves are not being too effected by climate change due to their great adaptability. In some ways it is even benefiting them. The warmer the climate, the more plants that grow and food that will be available. Interesting! 

A couple more pics from this interview session...